Mary Vin Rose has a charm about her that’s undeniable. She has an ability to make every one feel seen and heard. She is always looking for new ways to prefect her craft both in front and behind the camera. She’s a complete professional who can lead as well as follow direction. Her talents are limitless. 

- Edison Fortich, Director & Producer 

Whether she’s crying on cue in a funeral scene or laughing with a guest on a talk show Mary Vin Rose lights up any screen she’s on. Her motto on set was let’s take our work serious, but not ourselves. To work with Mary is always a joy. 

- Daniel Albino, Screen Writer & Producer 

Mary Vin Rose has a genuine empathy for people and continuously conducts research on how to improve their well being, as well as her own. She is warm, approachable and communicates with a straightforward style. In addition, she is an asset to any team she is a part of. With her ability to see a project through from beginning to end and wearing multiple hats to get the job done, I am glad to know her as a professional and as a friend.

- Taína Elena Hernandez, Actor & Director