Mary Vin Rose


How I Became A Morning Person


Can I keep it real? I’m just like you, that snooze button is my best friend, correction it was my best friend. Below I have provided you with my Top 5 tips on how I became a morning person, oh and few funny stories too.

Step 1. Get Enough Sleep For Your Body

When I was in my early twenties I could literally be out until 4 AM, get home at 5 AM, sleep for 2 hours, drink 2 cups of coffee and be ready to go. Well, darling, if you haven’t already guessed it; that doesn’t work for me anymore.  

Fun Fact: The National Sleep Foundation recommends anywhere from 6 to 10 hours
for people ages 18 to 64. 

I remember reading that fact thinking “okay so that’s a big range". How in the heck am I suppose to know what I need?" Well, it was trial and error for me. I finally found my sweet spot. I need exactly 7 hours to feel my best. I can function on 6 hours, but on 7 hours, I don’t crave coffee. I also noticed if I slept too long, my body didn’t respond well. I would wake up with headaches and I would feel groggy. I never thought there was such a thing as too much sleep. Monday- Friday I sleep for 7 hours and ever since I stopped sleeping in on the weekends I noticed a huge change in my productivity during the week. I wake up around the same time every day. The only difference is on the weekends I give myself permission to lounge in bed for about an hour. 


Step 2: Drink Lots Of Water (with lemon)

Okay, okay how many times have you heard from your favorite celebrity their biggest "beauty secret" is that they drink tons of water? Well, it is true! Drinking a lot of water can help with improving your skin, but it also really helps brain function.

Fun Fact: Your brain tissue is 76% water. Hence when you’re dehydrated, your brain is operating on low fuel. This can cause you to feel tired and drained.

If you have been sleeping for 7-8 hours that’s a long time your body to go without any nutrition or water. Drinking water first thing in the morning used to be really rough for me. Getting up going to the kitchen, pouring it into a glass… I mean come on that’s a lot of work after I’ve been knocked out for 7 hours. So I decided to keep a glass water bottle by my bed. I fill it up every night so in the morning I have the water right there.


Step 3: Get Your Mind Right 

Ok, this is the step that changed my life. I used to hear people on Oprah say meditation made such a drastic change. Being someone who struggles to sit still, learning to meditate was a difficult task. I am proud to say I have mastered doing at least 10 mins a day. I strongly suggest taking just 10 minutes and if you're fidgety like me you might want to try listening to a guided meditation. You can go to YouTube and type in The Honest Guys. They have several amazing audio guided meditations. Everything from 7 minutes to 2 hours.  


Step 4: Get To Moving

Okay, quick story. I can't tell you how many times I've watched my favorite YouTubers talk about their morning exercise routines and how it lasts an hour. I was excited. Long story short, doing a 1-hour exercise routine lasted for 2-days. And then it was back to "oh crap I'm late! Rushing back out the door." So to avoid that from happening to you choose an exercise routine you love, like dancing or yoga. Depending on my mood I'll either choose to do sun salutations or just throw on my morning playlist and dance to one full song in the mirror. 


Step 5: Break That Fast Boo!

Okay okay if you're a busy person, especially a busy person with kids and you have to be out the house quick. I know the last thing you want to do is stand over the stove and cook. However, not eating should not be an option. About a year ago I reached out to Deanna Halls a trusted health care professional and good friend of my mine. I told her I'm tired of eating the same oatmeal every day and she asked me if I've ever tried soaked oaks. Click here to get the recipe. I realized the I tend to feel better the more I eat Whole Foods. So I eat fruits like an apple. Almond butter and jam on toasted bread. Or avocado toast (super quick, healthy and yummy). 

Those are my 5 steps on how I became a morning person. Hope you can implement them in your own personal morning routines. Let me know in the comment section if we do anything the same or different! Also, make sure you check out my video on Youtube as well :)

Ciao for now,