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Pura Vida! Luxury Spa Getaway in Costa Rica

 Sipping on some good ole coconut water.

Sipping on some good ole coconut water.

Hey Travel Fam,

I'm finally back from my much-needed spa getaway in Costa Rica. I'm sure many of you have Costa Rica on your travel list, so here's little background info to help you in booking your next flight. Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. It's surrounded by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica is known for being one of the greenest countries, with its exotic wildlife, beautiful rivers/lakes, and lush rainforests. If you're truly looking for a place to escape into nature Costa Rica is one of those places.

My mama and I stayed at LOS ALTOS DE EROS Boutique Hotel & Spa located in Guanacaste a few mins from Tamarindo. It was a perfect home base for our spa getaway trip. The hotel offered everything from Indonesian Soaking tub treatments (see how beautiful that tub is my Instagram!) infinity pools, yoga sessions, cooking classes to full body massages. Speaking of massages, I seriously had the BEST massage of my life! From the warm essential oils to the natural sounds of nature, getting a massage at Los Altos De Eros was truly a luxurious experience. This wasn't a surprise though since it's one of the top-rated spas in Central America. 

What I did find surprising was how amazing the food was. Now, you guys know that food is one of my favorite subjects and this hotel did not disappoint. Funny enough, I remember when planning for this trip searching for different restaurants that my mama and I could try, but the food at Los Altos De Eros was so good that those plans went out the window. Costa Rica has lots of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, free-range chicken, and ocean-fresh seafood. This was definitely obvious in every meal we had, from strawberry pancakes, rice and beans, to the banana leaf wrapped sea bass, the food there was absolutely delicious. They also cater to anyone with special dietary needs, so not to worry, you'll still get to enjoy all that deliciousness! 

Overall, My mama and I had an amazing time in Costa Rica. I'm extra grateful to the hotel staff for giving my mama the five-star treatment. Anything she wanted they went above and beyond to accommodate her. When I initially scheduled my trip to Costa Rica it was supposed to be solo but somehow my momma invited herself, even her bags were packed before mine lol. 

 My mama getting her pottery skills on.

My mama getting her pottery skills on.

However, I'm glad we took this trip together. She doesn't admit it out loud, but she misses my grandmama, who we lost about five months ago. I think this spa getaway was exactly what she needed. We laughed, ate and laughed some more. I almost forgot how funny my mamma is and how I got my over-the-top storytelling skills from her. Staying at Los Altos De Eros was perfect for us because it helped us to reconnect and let's just say we both have stories we're taking with us to the grave Lol. Anytime you travel with someone you learn so much about that person; like how they handle a situation when things don't go according to plan. That's why I always recommend couples to travel after being together for three months. 

Although this was not the first trip I've taken with my mama, I can definitely say it was one
of the best, and a relationship changing one at that.

Have you ever taken a trip with your mom? If so, did it change your relationship? Let me know in the comments below.
Ciao for now, Your Girl