Mary Vin Rose


How To Create A Digital Vision Board


Hi Buds,
Have you ever been told to create a vision board? I know I have tried to create one on several occasions. Although I have always loved the idea, for some reason, I never enjoyed the process. I'm not sure if it's because of the glue, the cutting or both. Granted, I'm a creative person, but the mess that comes with glue isn't for me. However, a mentor of mine told me a vision board is necessary. It's a way to set your intention and an affirmation for your life. Last year I came up with the idea to do a digital vision board instead. Not only is it significantly less messy, I also like the idea that it could be my screen saver. I can also print it if I want.

Listed below are the steps I use to create a digital vision board...

Step 1
Start by creating four sections in a Microsoft Word document.

A) Make the Layout of the page “Landscape"
B) Go to the Insert tab and use the "line" in the shapes tab
C) Draw one horizontal and one vertical
E) Label the Top Left corner "Career." Top Right corner "Big Dreams." Bottom left corner "Health/Wellness." Bottom right corner "Love/Relationship.”   

Step 2
In the first section in the top left corner place pictures or anything that reminds you of where you want to be in your CAREER.

  • Go to Google or Pinterest, type in words that relate to your career and press images on top.
  • Screenshot images that you love.

Step 3
The second section is the fun "BIG DREAMS." Place images that remind you of all your biggest dreams.

  • Go to Google or Pinterest type in words that relate to wildest and biggest dreams
     (don't hold back)
  • Screenshot images that you love.

**You may not be able to accomplish this section right away. Examples would be a country
you want to visit or becoming fluent in a second or third language.**

Step 4
The third section in the lower left corner is your WELLNESS and HEALTH section. Place images that remind you of your health goals.

  • Go to Google or Pinterest type in words that relate to your health (i.e mediation).
  • Screenshot images that you love.

Step 5
The fourth section in the lower right corner is your LOVE and RELATIONSHIP section.

  • Go to Google or Pinterest type in words that relate to your love and relationships goals
  • Screenshot images that you love.
    **Relationship doesn't simply mean romantic, don't get me wrong, if 2017 is your year for
    romantic love… Get it lol**

****Important: Make sure before you move each picture to go to the Format Picture tab click "wrap text" for each image. This will allow you to move each image individually.  

Once you have enough images you can remove the lines. The goal is to have no white space, just a beautiful page full of your dreams. Remember not to limit yourself and never think your dream is too big. I hope you found this post helpful. Want to see more content like this? Shoot me a note. Don't forget to join my newsletter so you never miss an adventure or a giveaway.

Ciao for now.