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How Sweet Is Sweet Chick?


Hey Food Fam,
Are you coming to NYC and looking for a good 'ole American brunch spot?  Well, look no further than Sweet Chick. A few of my fellow foodies told me if I love chicken and waffles I haven't lived until I’ve been to Sweet Chick.

Being the native New Yorker I am, I didn't believe the hype. I thought, "I have yet to find a place to blow me away beside my classic spot, Amy Ruth’s,” which is located in Harlem. 

  Sweet Chick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photo via Google

Sweet Chick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photo via Google

The waffles were light and buttery, however, it was the fried chicken that was the star of the show. The batter was perfect, well seasoned (not too salty) and perfectly crispy. There's nothing worse than getting a small piece of chicken and a heavy, greasy large amount of batter. This chicken was savory. I might just dare to say-- Sweet Chick has the best fried chicken I have tried in New York!  Bold statement... I know right?! I also ordered a side of free-range eggs and they were cooked just how I ordered.

Sweet chick in BK does allow reservations and I do recommend you place one. For some reason, “small and cozy" eateries don't seem as cute and cozy when your stomach is yelling. My friend Donna and I were lucky enough to get two seats at the bar after a 30-minute wait.  If I had to guess, the restaurant holds about 30-36 seats.

Nonetheless, Sweet Chick's Fried Chicken & Waffles lived up to the hype and I'm so happy Donna convinced this Bronx girl to drive all the way to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Yup, it's worth it.
(My New Yorkers understand why that's a big deal.)

If you are a restaurant owner or another Foodie and you think there's an even better spot for Chicken & Waffles, let me know. I would love to check it out!

If you go to Sweet Chick, post a pic and tag me @maryvinrose and hashtag #marysentme so I can see your thoughts on Instagram or Twitter.

Ciao for now,