Mary Vin Rose


My South African Adventure


Hi Travel Buds,
I can't believe I've been home for three months. It feels like I was packing my bags and heading on South African Airlines just yesterday. My trip to South Africa was a nerve-racking, but life changing experience. I have traveled a lot for work, but I have never traveled this far alone. Nonetheless, during my stay, I visited Johannesburg, a township inside of Johannesburg called Soweto and, of course, the Famous Cape Town. South Africa has such a unique blend of urban and natural habitats. You can literally be in a skyscraper capital like Johannesburg (aka Joburg) then with a 3 to 4-hour drive you can be in the lush mountains or on the safari plains. And, of course, being the foodie I am I ate, ate, and ate.
Just some of my favorite activities: 
Safari Camp (I stay at the Chisomo Safari Camp),
Nelson Mandela Square
Table Top Mountain
Apartheid Museum
Robben Island (to visit Mandela's cell) and Mandela's Home Museum Tour

My Recommendations For Food:

  • The Harbor at Victoria’s Waterfront (Cape Town) 
  • The Roots (If you venture into Soweto)

Looking for some fine dining? Try Balthazar also located at Victoria’s Waterfront (Cape Town) this is where I ate baby Kingklip (a hearty white fish), I was also able to try ostrich for the first time. Believe it or not, ostrich taste very similar to roast beef, crazy right? I thought it would taste like chicken LOL.

My Recommendation For Beaches in Cape Town:

  • Clifton's (Area 4)- If you're looking for peace and quiet.
  • Camps Bay- If you're looking for dining near the beach and want to be around people
  • Boulder's Beach- If you're looking to see wildlife, check out Boulder's Beach and their penguins (Yes, South Africa has penguins on a beach).

MVR Extras

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See you soon! Ciao for now,