Mary Vin Rose


MVR- Profile

Hey, I'm mary. globetrotter, beauty lover, &foodie from nyC.


I am the go-to friend for life and relationship advice, beauty and skincare tips and all things travel. I believe it’s because I love sharing and storytelling runs is in my blood, or because I was a professional beauty and fashion event planner. Whatever the reason may be, I love it! I created Mary Vin Rose so I can share all my insights in one place. The goal is to inspire people to live their most fulfilled life. Using travel as a tool to step into authenticity, food to unite people, and beauty to promote self-love and self-care. So let's embark together on this ever-changing adventure called life.

xo Mary




1.) What exactly do you do as a blogger, content creator, and empowerment coach?

As blogger/content creator I share content about all things travel, beauty and food. I also create video content for brands to share on their social media platforms. I’ve traveled internationally and domestically to capture stories. As an empowerment coach I help people take the first step to building a life they love and want.  My main goal with Mary Vin Rose is to inspire people live life fully and with intention.

2.) Do you have any hobbies besides blogging?

Yes of course, dancing will always be my first love. I will dance anywhere from a stage to a supermarket, if it’s my song it’s my song. I also love film and theater. Gosh I’m a sucker for a good musical lol. So naturally I love acting, producing and anything that involves creating and story telling. Maybe it’s in the blood, my father was a writer and theater actor.

3.) Do you collaborate with other bloggers?

Yes! I love collaborations. I love brainstorming with other people. Team work makes
the dream work :) If you'd like to collaborate click here

4.) Are you still an event planner?

For the people who knew me in my past life as beauty and fashion events planner it was an amazing experience. I still love beauty and fashion I’ve transitioned those same creative juices to blogging and video editing. 

5.) Are you comfortable in front of the camera?

I'm comfortable on camera or speaking to a room of 200+ people. I love connecting
with people any way I can.